DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) Unit

DEVISE Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) unit is a very efficient and reliable system for separating solids from liquid waste. The DEVISE DAF units are offered in a compact prefabricated ‘skid-mounted’ form or pre-installed in a specially modified container. The DEVISE DAF unit includes all the necessary equipment for the complete physical-chemical treatment of liquid waste.

Primary Gravity Clarifier

DEVISE High-Rate Clarifier type “CLARI-TUBE SETTLER” is the ideal solution for many applications requiring Physical-Chemical Separation (Precipitation) in Industrial Wastewater or Municipal Water Treatment. It is commonly used as a primary treatment and can be combined with Coagulation – Flocculation so to improve settlability of light solids and colloidal matter.

Mechanical Micro-Separator “”Micro-Band Filter”

The DEVISE MBF is a mechanical micro-solids separator based on the ‘continuous band/tape- filtration’ principle that is used to remove solids from all kinds wastewater. This machine can remove organic and inorganic matter, such as food waste, tissue- paper, inert material, fat, grease, animal slaughter remains, fish-remains and other biodegradable suspended solids from a wide range of industrial wastewater as well as from common municipal sewage