Chemical Dosing Systems

Chemicals are used in the industrial wastewater treatment as well as in the sludge dewatering process.
DEVISE constructs prefabricated solution preparation and dosing systems for adding chemical solutions to a variety of applications.

Chemical Dosing Stations

Chemicals that are used in various processes such as neutralization, chemical conditioning, coagulation, chlorination etc., must be dosed in a safe and controlled manner. DEVISE manufactures such stations to serve any chemical process.

Chemical Solution Preparation Systems

For making up of the chemical solution needed for chemical conditioning (i.e. flocculation) of the pre-thickened sludge prior to dewatering, a polymer preparation system with fully automated operation is provided.

Solutions that can be prepared with DEVISE prefabricated systems are:

- Polymer (polyelectrolyte)

    The polymer preparation system is fitted with all auxiliary monitoring & control equipment necessary for making up the desired polymer solution. The polymer solution solids concentration may range between 1 - 5 ‰, whereas          polymer in dry form (i.e. powder) will be used as raw material for solution preparation.

- Lime

- Aluminium sulphate