Technologies - Hybrid (MBMR)

Moving Bed Membrane Reactor (MBMR)

The MBMR process technique is a new advanced treatment method that after extensive studying and development by DEVISE ENGINEERING has successfully applied in fully operational plants. This innovative process method is used in DEVISE’s packaged treatment plants “Ultra-Clear Bio-Plants” and is best suited for small- and medium-scale wastewater recovery applications, both municipal and industrial.

The MBMR process benefits from the merits of both MBBR-IFAS and iMBR treatment technologies. Specifically, an MBMR consists of a compartmentalized MBBR-IFAS reactor where all necessary biodegradation mechanisms take place (i.e. BOD removal, ammonia oxidation, denitrification etc) followed by a submerged membrane filtration cell for biomass rejection from the mixed liquor.

The basic difference between the iMBR and the MBMR treatment technologies is in the utilized bioreactor MLSS concentration. In most iMBRs, the bioreactor MLSS concentration usually ranges between 8-10 g/L. In the MBMR systems, on the other hand, the bioreactor MLSS is kept below 3 g/L, whereas the additional biomass required for effective wastewater purification is in purely attached form (i.e. in biofilm form), thus resulting in smaller bioreactor tankage requirements and reduced energy consumption due to the improved oxygen transfer efficiency.   The membrane cell MLSS concentration is operating at membrane manufacturer’s recommended range (10-12 g/L).


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