Solutions - Wastewater Treatment - Upgrades & Extensions

The time comes that a Sewage Treatment Facility Municipal or Industrial may require significant upgrading or even an extension.  The upgrade usually concerns improvement process performance (removal rates) and efficiency as well as replacement of mechanical equipment.

The plant expansion usually refers to an increase of the capacity or to the extension of treatment ability, ie adding Nutrient Removal.

At all cases DEVISE is able offer solutions that will require the minimum disturbance of the plant’s operation and the least civil works construction in order to obtain significant capacity and performance increase.

The use of MBBR-IFAS technology that DEVISE has significant know-how and experience and also that of MBR are some of the methods that can be incorporated in the design so that DEVISE offers a solution to client’s requirements.  These solutions will require virtually no civil works and using the same bio-reactors DEVISE can achieve treatment capacity increase of up to 100% of original capacity depending on the effluent quality requirements.  The complete solution may incorporate either a number of packaged systems or individual items with the respective services in order to fulfill the needs of the plant for upgrade and or expansion.

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