Wastewater Re-Use

The environmental pollution caused from unregulated raw sewage discharge coming from small municipalities, remote communities, small housing complexes, tourist facilities, camps, factories, harbors and other similar sources that until now was difficult to construct suitable Treatment Facilities is quite extensive in many areas and is now the time for the authorities to take action. The necessity to control this pollution and construct small but Effective Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) to serve such sewage generators is now stronger than ever. The solution for these small communities and facilities is the construction of small and decentralized STP's that are effective and easy to implement.

Furthermore, the ever-increasing demand for clean water supply has adversely affected the water resources availability on a global level. As a consequence, the need to effectively protect and conserve our water resources necessitates the advanced treatment of the wastewater, either municipal or industrial nature, with a view to Reuse. Some of the most common treated wastewater reuse applications are: irrigation of agricultural land, industrial process water, recharge of aquifers, and river flow replenishment, etc...

DEVISE ENGINEERING S.A., a technical company with significant experience in the field of wastewater treatment plant design and engineering, revolutionizes the implementation of small- and medium-scale decentralized STPs by bringing into play its compact bio-treatment units referred to as High-Rate Bio-Plants (i.e. secondary treatment utilizing the MBBR-IFAS technology) or Ultra-Clear Bio-Plants (i.e. advanced biological treatment utilizing the immersed MBR technology). In addition to those, DEVISE ENGINEERING S.A. offers unique compact solutions for the management of the generated excess biological sludge by utilizing its completely autonomous sludge dewatering units referred to as CSDPs (i.e. containerized sludge dewatering plants).

The systems designed and manufactured by DEVISE ENGINEERING S.A. offer high-performance and cost-effective solutions to all sorts of problems associated with the treatment of both municipal and industrial wastewaters. The offered solutions are in the form of integrated treatment facilities consisting of properly interconnected individual subunits. The subunits, which are compact, prefabricated, and mobile systems, incorporate innovative treatment methods as well as advanced design and manufacturing techniques. The overall treatment plants produce high-quality treated effluent, whilst at the same time combine both low O&M cost and space requirements. In the case of domestic sewage treatment, the offered treatment capacity can vary from 200 PE (population equivalents) up to 10,000 PE.

The compact wastewater treatment units marketed by DEVISE ENGINEERING S.A. are designed and manufactured by the company itself by utilizing of the up-to-date design, fabrication, and quality management systems (e.g. 3D-CAD, CAE/CAM, and ISO 9001:2008).

The excellence of the compact DEVISE units in terms of treatment efficiency, quality, and reliability is internationally recognized explaining the company's success.


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