Solutions - Wastewater Treatment - Decentralised Solutions

Sewage treatment of decentralised areas has always been a serious environmental problem and its solution imposes a technical challenge to the municipal planners and environmental engineers.  There are many remote villages, municipalities, tourist resorts and military or labour camps that are not connected to the main sewerage network and most of the times such connections are financially no viable and technically not feasible.

For such cases the DEVISE “Packaged Smart Solutions” utilising compact, pre-engineered and pre-fabricated units in containerised or skid mounted form are the most convenient and cost effective solution for the treatment of sewage.

Similarly, for the cases that concern the treatment of wastewater coming from factories that they are either away from the main sewerage network or the effluent quality can not be accepted untreated from the sewerage system then the solution of DEVISE’s packaged units either being primary stage or secondary biological stage or tertiary treatment or a complete solution, is again the most cost effective and almost certainly the most convenient causing the least disturbance in the operation of the industry.

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