Solutions - Wastewater Treatment - Medium - Large STPs

DEVISE has developed “Smart Treatment Solutions” for larger capacities plants.  Medium size  STP’s up to treatment capacity of 2,300 m3/d (11,500 P.E.) are possible to implement with Packaged Systems.  DEVISE is currently implementing such a STP using its revolutionary “Ultra-Clear Bio-Plant” technique which would produce an effluent quality suitable for re-use. 

For even bigger size plants up to 10,000 m3/d (50,000 P. E.) DEVISE has a “Smart Package Solution” using a combination of High-Rate treatment processes and clever design & engineering in order to provide a compact and packaged plant which can be relocated if required.  For this type of design the MBBR-IFAS process is materialised in steel panel bolted tanks erected on site.

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